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National Public Housing Museum is an ArtsPlace Grant Finalist

We are excited to be included as a strategic partner with the National Public Housing Museum. 

National Public Housing Museum Grant Finalist

Civic Projects part of Obama Presidential Center Exhibit Design Team

Civic Projects is honored to be part of the exhibit design team for the Obama Presidential Center with RAA from NY and several great collaborators from Chicago including Normal - Renata  Graw, Norman Teague, Andres L. Hernandez, Amanda Williams and Jen Park. Congratulations to everyone on the team, thrilled to be part of this project!

Obama Foundation announces Exhibit Design Team

Archeworks Evolves

Great piece on Archeworks about Executive Director Andrew Balster's work. 

Chicago Architects Advocate for Climate Change

Civic Projects is proud to be a part of Architects Advocate. Read more here: http://archpaper.com/2016/08/architects-advocate-action-on-climate-change-launch/


Collaborative Pop-Up Retail Shops Activate New Small Businesses


The Illinois Institute of Technology recently profiled the work of Civic Projects. 

... One of these visionaries is architect and Illinois Institute of Technology College of Architecture adjunct faculty Monica Chadha. She is also the founder of Civic Projects, LLC, a collaborative practice focusing on the design, development, and engagement of community-led projects. Utilizing her experiences with revitalization in Detroit, Chicago, and other areas, Chadha is the co-leader of a wave of pop-ups in our community that provides short-term trials of small businesses.
“Pop-ups create low-cost, low-risk opportunities that quickly transform a place for a very limited amount of time,” Chadha explains. “For example, an entrepreneur may want to test their business model in a location to see if there is demand before securing a long-term lease and spending money on a build-out with fixtures and larger inventories.”
Despite their short-term nature, pop-ups still require thoughtful consideration so that they provide meaningful feedback for any final long-term business creation. Through an approach referred to as placemaking, Chadha and her colleagues observe, listen, and question all who live, work, play, shop and participate in a community so as to learn its priority of needs and communal aspirations. Based on this, an effective pop-up strategy and implementation is developed...

Read more: http://IIT Community Affairs Newsletter

Good Intentions

The Chicago Architecture Foundation Presents Big Ideas for All Fifty Wards


Civic Projects was invited to participate in the Chicago Architecture 50 Wards 50th Anniversary Exhibit.

See more here: http://www.architecture.org/experience-caf/exhibitions/50-designers-50-ideas-50-wards/