As we develop varied scales of projects Civic Projects is committed to sustainable building practices.


All the work we do is collaborative. We meet people and organizations in their communities, embedding ourselves in the places where we work, to develop projects from strategic planning to implementation.


We understand high-quality architecture and design as crucial to the well-being of communities. We bring more than twenty years of experience in architecture, planning and design to every project, no matter the scale.


We see our role as expanding the role of architecture in the communities it serves. This means that we design each project with high attention to detail, from the micro scale to the macro scale, and build them with the same intent.

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Because we understand architecture’s intrinsic value to communities, we make those communities a crucial part of our project design and development process. At every phase of our process, we facilitate discussions, workshops and roundtables that help us understand the communities and organizations we work with, bringing their vibrancy and potential to the project at hand. Often, this means that what we deliver is more than the design: it’s frameworks of thinking and tools for engagement that stay with these communities long after the project is implemented.

Our close engagement with the communities and organizations we work with leads us to create project-specific interdisciplinary teams to suit the specific needs of each project. These teams are unique to each project, but our practice and process remains consistent and includes:

-        Community Workshops and Design Charrettes
-        Visioning Documents and Studies for Funders
-        Strategic Planning
-        Interim small scale projects developed to support a project’s larger mission
-        Long Term Planning
-        Grant Writing


The multidisciplinary nature of our experience and practice gives us a comprehensive understanding of the role of architecture, design and planning at every scale. In all the work we do, we seek to bolster and strengthen the surrounding communities, expanding the impact of architecture beyond the building, the space, or the product. Through our collaborative process, the implementation of the project, and the design of the environment, we seek to play a role in building healthy, vibrant communities.

Because we see the impact that architecture can have at every scale, our body of work is varied and includes:

-        Cultural Institutions including Art and Community Centers
-        Business Accelerators and Innovation Hubs
-        Retail and Commercial Design
-        Multi-Family Residential Projects
-        Mixed-Use Buildings
-        Academic Buildings
-        Museums and Exhibition Design
-        Urban Planning
-        Product Design
-        Temporary activation design and implementation

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The collaborative nature of our work extends into the building phase, where we work with a team of fabricators and contractors to build our designs. At every stage, we prioritize sustainable building practices. Sometimes, this means that we deliver more ephemeral things alongside our designs—new avenues for community engagement, strategic long-term plans, or toolkits for business development. Other times, this means utilizing environmentally friendly building methods and materials. Our approach always centers on collaboration and is rooted in a deep understanding of the places where we work.

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Civic Projects is a Certified Minority and Woman Owned Busness.